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Home and Family Thermostat

A few months ago, we were a part of a parenting class at our church. We learned so much truth and great insights from Seth Dahl's Raising Arrows.ย  The first lesson inspired us to think about what we wanted the atmosphere of our home to be like. We taught the girls about a thermostat and… Continue reading Home and Family Thermostat

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Coming Soon!! The Life Giving Home Book Club

It has been a great joy introducing you to our family during our Family Friday Facebook Lives. We want to move the topic of conversation into helping you find the story of your home and family. I thought one of the best ways to do it is through an Online Book Club. Can you say… Continue reading Coming Soon!! The Life Giving Home Book Club


Mammam’s Summer Salad

Earlier today we did a Facebook Live featuring a "getting to know you" of our Lucy Bee. She shared a family recipe that has become her delight to mix up for our family. Food plays a huge role in many family stories! Having those tried and true special family recipes sprinkled with love add to… Continue reading Mammam’s Summer Salad

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Weaving Wellness Into Your Family’s Story

My friend, Heather, and I have similar passions. Her passion to communicate wellness fits perfectly with our heart to encourage you along your way in writing and telling the story of your home and your family. Think of the beauty in a tapestry and how one thread at a time creates the beauty of the… Continue reading Weaving Wellness Into Your Family’s Story