Welcome to The Dusty Hive! As we embrace intentional, slow living we hope to inspire others to do the same. We’ve fine tuned our vision with home and family gracing the top of our priorities. We are here to help you do the same. Part of that is setting the atmosphere of your home to speak love, comfort, and peace regardless of the size of your space. Surround yourself with things that make YOU happy and that bring YOU “home” even if it’s not the latest craze of home style and decor. Let your home be a reflection of  YOU and YOUR FAMILY and not the pages of a magazine. We are here to encourage you in that and to help you tell the story of your home.

Home, family, adventure, and creating are all the tune of our heartbeat. We are the parents of 4 children with an age range of 7-28. That in itself is an adventure! When not in the shop or working, we can be found outdoors as a family camping and hiking. Chad was introduced to the craft of woodworking as a teenager and has spent the past 20 years developing that gift. Angelue’ is a former educator turned stay at homeschool mom who loves the intricacy of hand lettering and sign making. There is great fulfillment in making pieces that have the potential to become heirlooms in the hands of those who receive them. It is our aim to use our craftsmanship to help you tell the story of your home.IMG_5800

Why The Dusty Hive?

We are often asked why we chose The Dusty Hive as our name. Chad and I have always been makers at heart. He is often found making among the sawdust of his workshop, and I, among the chalkdust of “teachering” and sign-making. For us, the hive represents home, just like a beehive is a place where honey bees make their home and raise their young. They make it such a “sweet” place; hence, our name, The Dusty Hive!