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Home and Family Thermostat

A few months ago, we were a part of a parenting class at our church. We learned so much truth and great insights from Seth Dahl’s Raising Arrows. 

The first lesson inspired us to think about what we wanted the atmosphere of our home to be like. We taught the girls about a thermostat and how we can set the temperature of our home. It is up to us to decide where we want the thermostat set in our home and family. Our focus would not be on the things that we did not want in our home, but the things that we DID want in our home…to set our thermostat…the conditions that we wanted.

Over the course of two days we prayed together and individually. We each jotted down our thoughts and brought them together over dinner one evening. From that, we agreed and came up with where we wanted our thermostat set. In doing so, we invited the girls to hold us accountable to the conditions of the thermostat. We all agreed to humble ourselves and to allow each other to remind us when our thermostats need to be adjusted. Eye opening!!

family motto

I made a wall hanging that now hangs by our thermostat to serve as a reminder and to keep the vision before us.

Many of you know this is our second go at parenthood. Do you know that parenting is not just about raising your kids? It’s about you. too! It’s about the person they are helping you to become. I wouldn’t be the same person that I am today if not for the joys, trials, and ups and downs I’ve experienced along the way. The four children that we have the honor of stewarding are our greatest teachers about God, life, and ourselves. For that I am humbled and grateful!

Do you know what you would like your family atmosphere to be? Do this little exercise with your family and you just might bring heaven to your home! 😉

If you would like to add your family thermostat to your home decor, we can help you design something to stand as a lovely reminder. Just fill out the contact form below and we can partner together to make that little piece of heaven for your home.

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