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“Home IS the Nicest Word There Is”

Thoughts and ponderings on HOME this Monday morning for our Monday Motivation to help us find and better tell the story of our home.

I grew up watching and fan girling over the Little House on the Prairie television series. My sister and I would sit on the shag carpeted floor in our bedroom watching an old black and white TV with a coat hanger antenna in place to fine tune reception. On those Monday nights at 7:00 p.m. we also had hand towels ready, not tissue, mind you, to catch the sobs that may ensue from some sappy scene between Pa and Laura.

I read my first Little House book as an adult. I didn’t grow up being a reader. It just was something that I did not do until later in life.   But, when I read Laura’s books for the first time I fell even more in love with Laura Ingalls and her sentiment for home, family, and the simple life. Since, I’ve collected every book in the Little House series and other writings of Laura Ingalls Wilder. If it says Little House or mentions Laura in the title I might own it.

Since I have a fondness for all things Little House, I couldn’t wait for my girls to be old enough to share the books with them. We started when Lucy Bee was in first grade and Lily Grace was in PreK as a homeschooling family venturing through the Little House books. I intended for us to read just the first book, Little House in the Big Woods, that year, but each book ended with pleas for more. The only books in the series that we haven’t touched on as a family are The First Four Years and These Happy Golden Years. The other books I read aloud to the girls a little each day. Chad made Farmer Boy bedtime reading for most of that school year with the girls and we listened to Little House on the Prairie audio book twice.

About half way through that school year, I discovered that the TV series was being re-released one season at a time on Blu-ray disc. This endearing television program became our evening  family TV time for over a year. We were saddened when we would reach the end of a season and the next season had not yet been released. We waited like it were a current new release movie coming out. The claps, cheers, and dances of glee when we would receive notification that the next season had been released are a little funny now that I think about it. After that celebration, then, it was the wait for the mail. Oh my goodness!! On mail day when that new season arrived, it was all out party town around here with dinner around the coffee table that night for a watch party.

This morning, on my mind has been one of our favorite Laura quotes, “Home is the nicest word there is.” You can find that quote hand lettered in a couple of places around our home and every time the girls sit down to re-watch a Little House episode, they repeat the quote with Laura that comes up in the trailer preview of the disc.

“Home IS the nicest word there is.”

Think and ponder with me this morning.

home nicest word

How can we make home the nicest word there is for our families today? What memories do you want your children to take them when they go out to forge their own paths in this great big world. What parts and pieces of your home do you want them to recapture as they build their own homes in the future? I know for some that seems so far off and for others of you, you’re wishing for those days that have already past. Can I just say, it’s in the little things!?

The little things being things like sitting around snuggled in the mornings with coffee cups in hand as we wake up and plan our day. Yes, my littles are coffee drinkers! Well, more milk than coffee, but nevertheless, it’s coffee. Little things like back rubs during bedtime prayers and a series of silly goodnight kisses. Little things with Daddy, too! Like when I come out in the evenings from my bath to the girls piled in the bed with their daddy watching an old John Wayne movie or a retro cartoon from his childhood on Netflix. Or hitting a trail as a family when we’re camping collecting rocks, leaves, and sticks.

Those are just a few of the little things my girls will carry with them throughout their lives. They’re not earth shattering, profound matters, but they are moments of connection, love, belonging, and family. And that is what makes “Home the nicest word there is.”


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