Mammam’s Summer Salad

Earlier today we did a Facebook Live featuring a “getting to know you” of our Lucy Bee. She shared a family recipe that has become her delight to mix up for our family.

Food plays a huge role in many family stories! Having those tried and true special family recipes sprinkled with love add to the sweetness of the story. Lucy shared a recipe from her grandmother, Mammam, that we call Summer Salad. It’s called Summer Salad, because we most often make it in the summer season during the warmer weather. It’s a “dessert” of sorts for us. It doesn’t have a lot of sugar and it’s a good source of protein. You won’t be left with that heavy feeling after this dessert. It’s quite refreshing!

Summer Salad


1 24 oz carton of cottage cheese

1 pkg. of sugar-free jello mix (we like orange or black cherry)

1 can crushed pineapple (drained)

1/2 c chopped nuts

1 carton Cool Whip


In a bowl mix powdered jello mix into carton of cottage cheese. Place in refrigerator while you prepare other ingredients. Open can of crushed pineapple and pour into strainer to drain juice. Let sit for a bit and press it down to squeeze out all juice. Chop nuts into small pieces. Take bowl from fridge and stir in pineapple and nuts. Once combined well fold in carton of Cool Whip. Cover and refrigerate for at least two hours before serving to ensure a cool, slightly sweet, fluffy serving of yummy.

Click for the video!

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