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“Oily” Decor Coming to The Hive

I was trying to hold off on this post, but I couldn’t wait any longer!

The essential oil community has been so good to The Dusty Hive! You have made Chad’s essential oil shelf our #1 seller.

In keeping with the heart beat of The Dusty Hive and allowing your home to tell your story, we know that many of you have made essential oils a way of life for your family just as we have. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for your home to reflect that? Can you say oily decor?

I’ve been working behind the scenes creating a few items that will be up in our Etsy Shop this Friday. I just had to give you a sneak peek so that you can begin dreaming about where these would fit in your home! I am in LOVE!



There is oil…, Oil up…, Use…, Jesus… are all signs that can be hung on the wall or placed leaning on a shelf/mantle.

Lavender and Oily Mama are blocks that make great shelf sitters.

Dimensions and prices will be up with the listings in our shop on Friday, so check back early if you have your eye on a particular one. We only have just one of each design available on Friday to get feedback. If you have an oily quote that you’d like lettered custom orders are always available.

We are also open to collaborations. I know many of my oily friends give bonus swag to those who join their oily train, so if you have an idea and you have a need for multiples of a particular design, we will be glad to work with you. Just contact us on the form below.

I have a few other designs in the works along with another special product that is not a sign, but will be a wonderful place to keep all your oily recipes.

Chad also has a couple of new oily shelves in design right now. Hopefully, those will be ready to roll out in a couple of weeks.

As you can tell, we’re excited to bring more to the oily community from The Dusty Hive and we look forward to sharing with you.

Oily collage


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