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Creating a Home that Tells Your Story

We have a tag line at The Dusty Hive.

Helping you tell the story of your home.

Here’s the thing though! It’s not just a tag line for us. It’s the heart of The Dusty Hive!

Every one of our handicrafts that you add to your home, we hope helps you to better  tell your story. Whether it’s a piece of furniture that adds function or a hand lettered quote that resonates with you, we place it in your hands saying, “Here, add this to your story!”

Maybe, you’ve never thought of your home telling your story. Or perhaps, you just don’t know where to start. As you read on, we hope you are encouraged and spurred on with some ideas.

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Take a minute and look around your home.

Go ahead…I’ll wait…

Does it make you happy? Do you feel peace? Is it comfy and cozy? Does it reflect who you are? Does it tell your story?

My aim in creating a home has been to make one that is comfortable, one that is “lived in,” yet neat and orderly, one that is inviting, and most definitely one that tells our story. Sure, I may thumb the pages of Country Living and Magnolia Journal and I might even sigh with a wee bit of discontent as I compare all the perfection and beauty to my humble abode.  In the end, I may admire the images and even glean some ideas, but ultimately I choose things that feel good and that better tell our story regardless of what may be trending.

Here is an example from our home. We have what has been tagged as a gallery wall in the world of home decor. Enter gallery wall in a search on Pinterest and you’ll see what I’m talking about. You’ll find pin after pin of perfectly placed and coordinated gallery walls. They are often a part of an entry way or an accent wall.

I LOVE our gallery wall, but it won’t be found on the pages of any magazine.

Our gallery wall is on the same wall as our pillow and blanket-laden, overstuffed couch. Everything on that wall contributes to our story somehow.

Take a glimpse and then I’ll explain.


Starting at the far left…

  • A photo collage of some mommy-daughter pics that a sweet photographer friend snapped last Mother’s Day. How often does mama find herself in pictures with her babies?
  • “My day is complete. I heard a child laugh” is a cross stitch that I remember my Mom working on many years before her death. I found it in a box of old things and put it in a frame that I already had. I’ve always loved that saying and it says to me just how much my mama really loved being with me and my siblings as kids.
  • The wood H is for Hamilton, our family name. I’m looking to add a bit of my husband’s Scottish heritage with a clan tartan.
  • The mini clip board is a chalkboard and holds a lettered quote that can easily be switched out. The current quote is a favorite of everyone in our home. “Home is the nicest word there is,” Laura Ingalls Wilder. There are just a few Laura fans that live under our roof.
  • The gold angel wing is a decorative dish that I fell in love with at first sight. I looked at it and looked at it in the department store that carried it. I just wouldn’t make the splurge to buy it. Then, one day, some time later, I walked in to one of our favorite closeout thrift stores and there it sat. The only one! Waiting just for me! I was beyond excited to snag it for a fraction of the original cost. I could never find the perfect spot for it as a dish. I wanted it on a wall. So, I hung it with a decorative plate hanger and it’s perfect (to me)!
  • The framed chicken wire is used to add miscellaneous pics and seasonal cards and what-nots. I made this from a frame I found at my daddy’s, among other things, that he was no longer using.
  • We love old barns and landscapes, but this oil painting is extra special to us. It was brushed by Chad’s grandmother, the girls’ great grandmother, who is no longer with us. It just adds such special sentiment to our collection.
  • The small frame below the painting holds a calligraphic quote that was done by a dear friend and given to me many years ago during one of life’s hard moments that we shared together. The penned words are, “Friends are made for sharing laughter and wiping tears.” No truer words concerning friendship.
  • The small wreath just fit perfectly in that spot. The ribbon on it was tied on the house warming gift from a close friend, who stood in prayer with me for many years concerning a house.
  • During our first year of homeschooling we studied a bit about Van Gogh and Sunflowers. This is my daughter’s rendition. It’s still one of my favorites. I will eventually frame it, but for now its on a clip board that I can use to switch out with any other art work of the girls.
  • The cuckoo clock was a wedding gift, which is an original that came from Germany, from Chad’s aunt and uncle who were stationed there at the time of our wedding. It also reminds me of the cuckoo clock that overlooked us from the dining room walls of my grandparents. We enjoyed many Sunday dinners of days going by with all the aunts, and uncles, and cousins where every Sunday was a holiday.

Upon first glance at our gallery wall, did you find the beauty in it? More than likely, not! It probably appeared a blur and a just a hodgepodge of meaningless things. But, look again after reading the story of each piece. The vision becomes fine tuned and you begin to see the beauty of a family’s story.  And we will continue to add to the wall as our story grows with the years.

I don’t expect all who enter our home to admire it or even like it. And, I am okay with that. What matters is when I snuggle with my girls on the overstuffed couch beneath this collection that we feel love and peace, that we feel comfort and rest, and that we feel a sense of being part of the wonderful story that was written for and by our family. That, to me, is more important than anyone’s opinion.

Ultimately, home is the story of who we are and a collection of all the things we love. Your home may share no resemblance with anything found on the pages of a magazine. Be okay with that. Do all the sweet souls that dwell there exhale the worries of their days and inhale the peace and beauty that comes from being in a special place? Make that your aim and celebrate your story with those who share your home by surrounding yourself with things that say, This is us! This is home!

UPDATE:  Below is a post of  a Facebook Live that I did talking about this topic.


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